Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Oh Deer! 
     So a few days ago me and Sis Davies were driving home at night. "Deer, deer, Deer. Deer! DEER!" yelled Sis. Davies Took me a while but I finally understood what she said and hit the brakes! Well one of those silly deers wasn't paying enough attention and still decided to try and cross the road. "Gabump-a-bump" It ran into our car (which we named Sven). We stopped to check the car and he was fine. The deer was okay too; it ran off into the field. It was just kind of silly that we got hit by the deer.
    Some times we do silly things too. The deer should have seen the big bright lights coming its way, but it didn't. We do that to sometimes. You have a huge paper at the end of the semester, but you don't work on it till 2 weeks before. You have to call your boss to get work off, but you don't; so you can't go to the concert. Bah! Why do we do that to ourselves? Procrastination is bad. We can't procrastinate repenting either. If you wait to say sorry till tomorrow you will never do it! Tomorrow is always a day away!
   So I guess what I am saying is get up and go do. Like Nike says, Just Do It!

Alma 34: 33,35

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