Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Watchman On The Tower.

Who is the watchman?
   Doctrine & Covenants 101:53 "Ought ye not to have done even as I commanded you, and-after you have planted the vineyard, and built the hedge round about, and set watchmen on the walls thereof-built the tower also, and set a watchmen on the tower, and watched for my vineyard, and not have fallen asleep, lest the enemy should come apon you."
   Christ has a mighty vineyard full of trees that He cares to diligently. He build hedges and walls around to protect us, His beloved trees. He also built a tower and has set a watchmen for our protection, to gaurd us from bandets. Who is the watchmen, who has Christ called to this dutey?
  Because Christ loves us He has given us a watchman, just as He did in days of old. I know that this watchman is the prophet Thomas S. Monson. I know it because that is what the Spirit told me. I am so excited to get to listen to Pres. Monson's message to the world this weekend, along with all the other modern day apostles. What a blessing this is to us. I know that Christ really does love each one of us, and that is why He has set the watchman. I exhort you to listen to the watchman, to keep the bandits from coming in. Keep your self safe, and listen to Gods mouth piece. If you don't know where, go to http://www.lds.org/ and select "General Conference."


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